Using the Parlay System in Blackjack

One of the oldest betting systems is the Parlay System. It stems from the concepts used by banks to compound interest. When you use the system, you increase your wager after you win a hand. When you lose, you reduce the amount of your bet. After a win, you bet the amount won plus your initial bet. If you lose, you return to betting the original wager.

Parlay in Blackjack

The Parlay System is ideal because you don't need a big bankroll. It's one of the best systems to use when playing blackjack. Along with not requiring a large bankroll, it's also significantly less risky than the Martingale system and other similar systems. To use it in blackjack, you make a bet of $20. If you then get blackjack, which pays out 3:2, you win $30, and get the original $20 back. Since you won, you bet $50 the next hand.


If you use the Parlay system in blackjack, one loss can mean that you loses everything, since you've been betting your winnings. Change your attitude toward the online casinos. You can reap tremendous benefits from membership at such venues. For example, you can play blackjack for fun through the Gros Gerry service. The website allows you to a different variation of the game each time that you play. It is a wonderful option. You can avoid losing everything by limiting the amount you bet after a winning streak. For example, once you win $100, reduce your wager to $50 for the next hand, so that you have some money set aside.

Setting a limit allows you make the most of the Parlay system. The system shouldn't be solely relied on during a game. Use basic blackjack strategy to improve your odds of winning a hand, too.
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